About me

From an early age, Leon has had a keen interest in photography, whether it be capturing precious moments on a family vacation, or snapping pictures during a day outing with friends. This hobby further blossomed in late 2006, when Leon bought his first DSLR, a Nikon D80. In that same year, Leon turned his hobby into a business setting up Leon Sidik Photography. Since then, he has photographed several charity, sports, family portrait, and birthday events. He is currently working as a product photographer and floor planner. Sydney-based, Leon is friendly and experienced. His passion for capturing memories will make your photo shoot enjoyable, relaxing, and rewarding.

In 1986, Leon Sidik was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. At the tender age of nine, he moved to Auckland, New Zealand. At 13, he moved to Sydney, Australia, where he gained a high school education at Redfield College. He pursued his dreams of becoming a Graphic Designer in 11th grade, moving his studies to KvB Institute. In 2005, Leon received his high school diploma and a degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia. The following year, he began gleaning work experience at a printing shop in Vancouver, Canada.


Contact me

  • Leon Sidik Photography
  • Phone: 0404 779 920